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We're are SOUTH AFRICAS NO. 1 site that supplies Luxury Up market Infrared Portable Saunas as well as up market  Quality Health products stored at the Healthtek Warehouse which offer the Latest Range in Health and Fitness Products. The Sauna Shop is a certified Importer and is South Africa's favourite choice for purchasing a sauna direct saving the consumer thousands by cutting out the middle man. We Offer you Quality  Far infrared Kits from the infrared Sauna importer with many followers. The Sauna Shop is the leading distributor through South Africa call Today.

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The Far infrared sauna has taken South Africa by storm. We are the original far infrared sauna specialists and have been importing since 2003. Our specialties are Sauna sales | Sauna kits | fir saunas | Traditional saunas | hot rock saunas | outdoor Saunas | Portable Saunas | Saunas with mp3 players and saunas with color light therapy that makes us very competitive and Sauna Industry Leaders.

Busy renovating your House or looking for a Custom Sauna? Call us today to handle all your sauna requirements. Let us help you make the right Far infrared sauna choice by contacting us. Sauna sales have increased through efficiency of the home sauna and quality staff training in our sauna range.

The Revolutionary Medically Recognized Infrared Sauna can aid in Many Medical Conditions. The sauna Benefits are endless. We have the largest on Sauna Show Room with many Sauna choices. Call the Sauna Specialists Today to find out more information.